Sean Dodenhoff

Bakersfield, CA. 93301
Sponsorship: MX level 1
D.O.B.: 11-5-93
Weight: 82 lbs.
Plate: #63
Type Riding: Super-Moto, Formula 110 (ages 6-12) Unlimited modifications, up to:110cc four stroke, 14" max wheel size
Vehicle: 2005 Honda CRF50
Vehicle: 2004 Honda CRF100
Practice Vehicle: 2003 Honda 100
Team Name: East Hills Racing

2005 Season Updates:
Formula 110 total 13 wins and 2-2nd place finishes.


  • 2004 Season-
      8-7-04, Mini-Moto, Mesa Marin Raceway, 159cc Four-Stroke, 6th Place.
      8-2-04 Mini-Moto, Irwindale Speedway, 5th place
      4-3-04 to 4-4-04, Mini-Moto division, Moto-Connection Southwest Series, 159cc Four-Stroke, 15th Place
  • 2003 Season - had 13 main event wins (1 event 2nd place).
    • 2-25-04 Participated in Norcal 50cc Supermoto Champion,
    • 2-25-04 Stockton MotorPlex Stockton Series Formula 50s Champion (undefeated with 7 straight wins),
    • 2003 - AMA SuperMoto Grand Championships Formula 50 1st Place,
  • 2002 Season - Cycle World Championships SuperTT 50cc 1st place

  • Vehicle setup: 2004 Honda CRF100,
    special 17" wheels laced to run slicks front and back,
    Wider triple-clamps to accomodate 2.750 Excell front wheel,
    East Hills built a Takegawa Stroker motor with 28mm carb. The motor has 4.8 hp stock and how is 13 hp.,
    Rear lowered 1.5".
    Works Performance rear unit Steel shock, 10.38" long (for 1" shorter at seat), with blue SRS (Single-Rate Spring), for 100-160 lb. rider, with Tpl (Threaded spring pre-load adjustment), and cooling Reservoir.

    Vehicle setup: 2005 Honda CRF50,
    BBR SP-5 forks, clamps and bars,
    +2 aluminum swing-arm and pegs from Cycle-Gear,
    108cc Kitaco motor kit.
    Works Performance Products rear unit SPA (Small-bodied Piggyback-reservoir with Adjustable-compression and rebound) shock, 10.0" long, with blue SRS (Single-Rate Spring), for 71-100 lb. rider.

    Axo Sports (riding gear and apparel),
    B&B Exotic Metals,
    BBR MotorSports,
    Classic Honda (parts),
    Cycle Gear of Bakersfield, Ca.(fuel, gear, chains and accessories)
    Dunlop Tire,
    East Hills MotorSports,
    East Hills Plaza Medical Associates Inc.,
    Freddie Spencers Performance Products (Michelin Tires),
    HM Holloway Inc.,
    JE Pistons,
    Lusaak Racing,
    Madd Racing (service),
    Moto Master Brakes (brakes)
    North Kern Motorsports (motorcycle),
    Renton Spring (Ti Springs),
    (RFI) Racing Fuels Inc.,
    Storm Cycle (brakes),
    Titanium Performance,
    Tony Tice at Ticeman Racing (technical assistance),
    Torco Oil (lubricant and chemical supplies),
    Works Connection,
    Works Performance Products (shocks),
    Yoshimira R&D of America (exhaust, cylinder head development, and motor program),