Robbie Leonard

of Nashua, New Hampshire.
D.O.B.: 1-27-95
Height: 4'
Weight: 60#
Straight A Student at Dr. Crisp School, 4th Grade 1-01-04
#7 Robbie Leonard
2002 50cc stock Class Champion NEATV-MX
2003 50cc Mod. Class Champion/70 mod. 2nd. place NEATV-MX
2004 70cc Mod. Class Champion/90 Prod. 2nd. place NEATV-MX
2005 GNC-MX 90 Prod. Jr 3rd.
2005 GNC-Mx 70 Mod. 2nd.

I first started riding ATV's in 1997 at age 2 when my dad bought me a 1986 Honda Fourtrax TRX 70. In 1999, at age 4, I entered my first race. It was an ICE race in New York, in which I competed against 14 other kids and finished 3rd. In 2000, at age 5, I began racing MX at Jolly Rogers MX Park in N.H. It is one of two tracks the N.E.A.T.V.-MX racing series (the largest ATV racing series in the US next to the AMA Grand Nationals) attended. I ran only 3 of the six race series due to the fact that at my age I couldn't race at the other series track. I finished 9th overall for the year.

In 2001 at age 6 I raced my first full season (12 races) with the N.E.A.T.V.-MX series in the 0-90 modified class on my Robb's Racing Engines prepared Honda TRX 90 and finished second overall for the year. I also raced numerous times at Winchester Speedpark in 2001 and took several wins in the youth class.

In 2002 at age 7, 1 again raced with the N.E.A.T.V.-MX series in 2 classes, the 0-50 cc stock 6-11 yrs. class, and the 0-70cc modified 6-11 yrs. class. I won the championship title in the stock class and finished second in the modified class. I also competed several times at Winchester Speedpark and finished top 3 in class at every event entered.

In 2003 1 competed in the NEATV-MX series. I raced the 0-50 modified class on my highly modified 2003 LEM Cayman. I won every moto (24) except for one race when I had clutch failure, and I went on to win the 2003 championship title. I also raced in the 0-70 modified class with my Robbs Racing Engines 70 cc custom mod. I finished 2"d overall for the year with 2 wins and several second place finishes. I also entered I AMA National at Southwick. I raced the 50 stock and 70 mod classes. I finished 2d in the 50 class with 1-2 moto finishes. In the 70 mod class I finished 3rd with 3-3 motos. I was very happy with my finishes, considering it was my first ever national event.

In 2004 I raced with NEATV-MX. I raced in the 0-70 mod class and the 90cc production class. My 2 quads were a 2002 Robb's Racing Engines mod 70, which is a complete aftermarket chassis and a KX 60 powerplant. I also raced a Robb's Racing Engines prepped Kasea 90. In the 70 mod class I won every moto (20) and finally became class champ. In the production 90 class I finished 2nd overall for the season. I did win several races in the 90 class, but a few mechanical DNF's early in the season kept me from winning the championship. In 2004 I also attended 2 ATVA MX Nationals. The first was at Budds Creek and the other at Southwick. At Budds Creek I finished 11th overall in the 90 production due to a mechanical dnf in the first moto. In the 70 mod class I finished 3rd overall. At the Southwick National I finished 7th overall in the 70 mod. I had finished 2nd in the 1St moto after a crash in the first turn and I had a huge lead in the second moto but 1/4 of a lap before the checkers the chain broke. I had to settle for 7th overall, tough luck. The 90 production class 9-15 yr. olds is without a doubt the most competitive youth class. At Southwick there were 35 entries. I went 3-2 for second overall. What an accomplishment for me at only 9 yrs. old.

2005 Objectives:
In 2005 I will be racing the ATVA Grand National Series and some of the NEATV-MX Series races. I will again be racing the 70 mod. class and the 90 production class. I believe having run these classes in 04, I will have an advantage in reaching my goal of winning both National championship titles. My goals for 2005 are to attend every ATVA National and try my hardest to win both the 70 mod and 90 Production titles.


AMA - 2005 ATVA ITP Moose GNC Motocross Series


ATVA GNC MX National Round 6 - Budds Creek, MD

Event Date(s) : 5/1/2005

Class : 70cc Modified 6-11 yrs

Pos. Points Name Hometown Bike
1 30 Dj Spurling Reedsville, WI Kawasaki
2 25 Jesse Skvarek Jefferson, OH Fisher
3 21 Robert W Leonard III Nashua, NH Honda
4 18 Tyler C Skipper Ravenna, OH Fisher
5 16 Abram Hakala New, Ipswich, NH Other
6 15 Michael Thor North, Brunswick, NJ K&K
7 14 Tj Mazzella Baltimore, MD JB
8 13 Kevin A Zeuer Taftville, CT Kasea

Series: 2005 ATVA ITP Moose GNC Motocross Series

Round Event Location Event Date Pos. Points Bike
3 Gainesville, FL 3/12/2005 8 13 Honda
5 Danville, VA 4/17/2005 3 21 Honda
6 Budds Creek, MD 5/1/2005 8 13 Honda
7 Buchanan, MI 5/14/2005 2 25 Honda
8 Blountville, TN 5/29/2005 1 30 Honda
9 Mount Morris, PA 6/19/2005 2 25 Honda
10 London, KY 7/3/2005 2 25 Honda
11 New Berlin, NY 7/31/2005 2 25 Unknown

Class Results: 70cc Modified 6-11 yrs

Round Event Location Event Date Pos. Points Bike
3 Gainesville, FL 3/12/2005 2 25 Honda
5 Danville, VA 4/17/2005 3 21 Unknown
6 Budds Creek, MD 5/1/2005 3 21 Honda
7 Buchanan, MI 5/14/2005 2 25 Unknown
8 Blountville, TN 5/29/2005 3 21 Honda
9 Mount Morris, PA 6/19/2005 2 25 Honda
10 London, KY 7/3/2005 1 30 Honda
11 New Berlin, NY 7/31/2005 1 30 Unknown


2004/2005 Sponsors: Robbs Racing Engines, Extreme ATV, Maier, Durablue, K&K ATV, Alpinestar, Works Performance, Web-Cam, Moose Racing, Rebel Gears, Outterwears, K+N Engineering, Sheridan Race Products, A-Plus Construction, O'Connell Machine, Winex Helmets, Moto Tassinari, Shock Racing and Smith Sport Optics.

Shock Setup:

2-28-05 ROBBS Robie's TRX90 rear unit Steel/Adjustable Rebound, Black body, 16.0" long, Single-Rate Springs (Black) with Adjustable Compression Reservior.

2-28-05 ROBBS Robie's TRX90 front pair SPA Series, Small-bodied Piggyback with Adjustable rebound, Black body, 14.9" long, Triple-Rate Springs Black/Red/Black, with High/Low speed Adjustable Compression Reservior.

3-31-04 ROBBS KASEA 90 front pair Pro Series, 12.5" long, Adjustable Rebound, Adjustable Compression Reservoir, Red/White/Blue springs, with Threaded spring preload adjustment.

3-31-04 ROBBS KASEA 90 unit, Steeler Series, Dual-Rate Springs, Rebound Adjustable, Adjustable Compression Reservoir with Threaded spring pre-load adjustment.

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