Nikki Earlywine

of Dover, KY.

Profile: Nikki Earlywine, ATV racer, racetrack owner
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How did you get interested in racing?

I did a few local races, and then I heard about the AMA Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series. My husband and I are the only married couple to be series champions. We own a racetrack, so when we’re not racing we’re putting on a race.

What was your most memorable racing experience?
It would have to be the Ironman in Crawfordsville, Indiana, in October. I was the first woman to race in the pro class, and to take off with those guys…I was so nervous! But it was fun, and I was happy to finish 21st out of about 30 pros.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about racing ATVs?
A lot of people ask me, “How do you know where to go to race,” or “where do you find out about it?” Look it up on the Internet. (You can get info right here under the ATVA Racing head.—Editor) Racing is a good time and you’ll make a lot of friends because it’s like a big family. And it’s fun to watch, even if you aren’t racing. You can find out about racing at my track in Maysview, Kentucky, by calling (606) 763-6175