Please note: with the 1000s of shock configurations available we have to limit our online store sales. You can order online if your shock is represented in the online store area. If not you can easily place your order "Off-line" by providing the information below. Forms are available to fill out and send your order in.
Thank you.

Works Performance shocks are available for most on and off road motorcycles and ATVs. We also produce custom shocks for special applications.

When ordering please be as accurate as possible when providing the following information.

For Stock Shock Replacement

  1. Year of manufacture
  2. Brand of vehicle
  3. Model designation (it is important to specify model numbers of letters such as CR250R, FJ1100, Tri-Z, TRX250X, Bayou, etc.)
  4. Rider weight with gear
  5. Passenger weight and percentage of time on vehicle (if applicable)
  6. Type of riding, such as enduro, motocross, trail riding, dunes, knee-dragging, street riding, cruising, sport touring, etc.
  7. Level of ability: novice, intermediate, advanced or expert

We have provided a form to fill out. Please note you may either send via e-mail or you can print and fax the form. Click here for Stock Shock Replacement Form.

For Modified Frames & Prototype Applications

From the illustrations below that most closely represent you suspension design, provide all of the measurements with the machine unloaded. You can enlarge the illustrations by clicking on the photo.

Click on any illustration to enlarge.

  1. Distance A, swingarm pivot to upper shock mounting eye
  2. Distance B, swingarm pivot to lower shock mounting eye
  3. Distance C, swingarm pivot to axle center
  4. Distance D, eye to eye shock length
  5. Distance E, length of shock stroke (must be compatible with tire/fender, frame/ground clearance
  6. Rider weight with gear
  7. Passenger weight and percentage of time on vehicle
  8. Level of ability: novice, intermediate, advance or expert
  9. Approximate vehicle weight
  10. Mounting channel width and mounting bolt diameter
An alternate method of providing information about your custom shock(s) is to fill out a dimension sheet.
You can find the A-Arm ABC dimension sheet here for most ATV or reverse Trike applications
You can find the Swingarm ABC dimension sheet here for most motorcycles and some ATV applications
You can print the dimension sheet out, complete the information and fax it to us at (818) 701-9043.
If you have a scanner you can send it in .jpg or .gif format and e-mail it to

For suspensions with multiple linkage or those no illustrated, contact the engineering department for information and details. NOTE: Custom made prototypes or one-off shocks require a nonrefundable 50% deposit in advance.

For Stock Shock Heart Transplants &Cartridges

Ship the shock freight prepaid and include the information asked under Stock Shock Replacement (located at the top of this page, under Stock Shock Replacement, questions 1 thru 7). If paying by credit card, please fax or phone (do not send this info via e-mail). Include card number and expiration date; indicate if the shock can be returned to you COD cash. (US Dollars)


Phone (818) 701-1010 or Fax (818) 701-9043

Orders shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise arranged. You can arrange to pay via - COD cash, PayPal. VISA, AMEX, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER

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