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Besides engineering and building shocks and suspension components for production vehicles, Works can customize these shocks for unusually heavy loads, special functions like camera platforms and sidecars, and other modified chassis and suspension geometry that requires custom valving and springing but utilizes off-the-shelf components.

Difficult, tough, or tricky damping situations are the forte of Works' engineering department. Using the latest on-board data acquisition systems and advanced CAD/CAM computer programs. Works can usually engineer a solution to just about any damping problem. Works' expertise in engineering solutions to difficult damping solutions goes back to 1973 with motorcycles, ATVs, race cars, off-road trucks, buggies, mountain bikes, aircraft, electric bikes and cars, college SAE vehicles, and industrial damping applications. At Works, "nearly all things are possible."

Works can handle prototyping, pre-production and short run production and assembly of not only suspension dampers, but many types of mechanical components and assemblies. Works has been involved in prototyping motorcycle and mountain bicycle forks, fork cartridges, and rear suspension damping units for a number of manufacturers.

All of the machined shock components are manufactured at Works Performance on state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numeric Control) milling and turning machines. These CNC lathes and mills assure the production of parts to exacting specifications. The machining services go hand-in-hand with our custom engineering, prototyping and pre-production assembly services.

Shocks that are built from off-the-shelf parts, but are engineered and assembled for a specific manufacturer-designed production chassis or application can be protected with a proprietary agreement. Shocks built to these specifications are normally available to retail customers through the manufacturer. This protects the investment of R&D and engineering costs incurred by the manufacturer.

Predator Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft
Works Performance is proud to play a small part in American defense. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems' Predator unmanned multi-purpose platform is fitted with special nose gear damper unit manufactured by Works Performance Products, Inc. In addition the unique demands of the U.S. Special Forces for advanced Scout and Support ATV suspensions are met by the Works design and engineering team.

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