Debbie Evans Leavitt

Photo by Perris Hillton of Cycle News, Sept. 15, 2004
ITS Summer Series
Round 6: Trials Land

Leavitt Levitates to Perfection

By Perris Hillton
Perris, Ca. Aug. 7, 2004

    What does a fourtysomething mother of three do on a warm summer evening when her young son comes out to ride the Intermediate class at the local observed trial? She moves up to the Advanced class so she doesn't have to compete against her own flesh and blood. When you're Debbie Evans Leavitt, considered by many to be the greatest female trials rider ever, you not only move up a class, you turn in three clean loop cards for a rare perfect trial.

    Riding a RYP-sponsored Sherco with a custom Works Performance rear shock, Leavitt stunned her competitors by refusing to dab the entire trial. Leavitt needed her concentration to win, as runner-up Chris Cullins was right there, taking only three dabs of his own on his Beta Rev 3. Only a single dab back was 12-year old Andrew Oldar, on his Torr Moto-backed Gas Gas 125.

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