Brid Caveney

1968 Triumph Daytona roadracer

Brid has several wins throughout his career including;

  • Many early club race wins
  • 1996 - AHRMA National, Western Regional and PITS Trials Champion
  • 1997 - National second
  • 1998 - National second
  • 2001 - Third in AHRMA Sportsman 500 National Championships
  • 2003 - Second in AHRMA Sportsman 500 National Championships
  • 2004 - Won Classic 60's 650 National Championship

    I own and run West Coast Racing in Salinas, Calif. We build and race mainly British bikes. I raced a BSA B50 to third place in the 2001 Sportsman 500 national championship (featured on page 3). As a kid, I was always impressed by Triumphs, and have wanted to build a special for many years. Last year's winner of my class, Andrew Cowell, proved the 500 is a very competitive motor, and I finally got to reacquaint myself with the mechanics of the "plot" about a year ago.

    First thing I realized was that Edward Turner never really planned on the humble little 500 being forced to compete against the might of the Japanese hordes. All of a sudden I had to take a long hard look at how to try to "stretch" a motor originally designed in the misty annals of time passed to be competitive against the all dominant "Rising Sun" specials. More than once I have questioned my own sanity for embarking on the project! I suppose my success with the B50 helped prove to me that a new outlook on an old theme can prove fortuitous.

    BSA B50 roadracer
    Here's the B50 we built for Daytona 2001. The biike weighs 202 pounds dry and has around 45 rear-wheel horsepower.

    BSA B50; 1971 Roadracer This classic vintage racer is based on the 1970's BSA B50 design. This machine has been extensively updated and modified from its original factory specifications. From its hand built geometrically optimized frame and custom bodywork, to its hubs, wheels, forks, and its 40+ HP motor -- all contribute in harmony to its excellent handling characteristics and performance.

    Its a winner in 2004 at Talladega in the AHRMA Sportsman 500 class! In addition, one of our customers, Ricky Bowers finished mid-field in The Isle of Man Manx Grand Prix.

    Triton 650
    Our dream machine is a cafe racer based on the 1960's Manx Norton Featherbed Frame and the Triumph Bonneville engine.

    This machine combines classic design with modern technology resulting in numerous race wins.

    Producing around 50 hp, this machine raced by Brid Caveney, is currently leading the AHRMA Classic 60's 650 National Championship with victories at Jennings, Daytona, Talladega, Albuquerque, and California.

    Brid Caveney of West Coast Racing clinching 2004 national championship at Thunderhill Raceway northern California.